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As a company employee, we must deeply understand and agree with the company's corporate culture and values. At all times, we must put the interests of the company first. In addition, we must accept and welcome this work with a higher moral and intellectual status. The daunting challenge!

1. Enterprise purpose:

Building a harmonious organization, consolidating the benefits of the company, manufacturing quality products, meeting customer expectations

2. Business philosophy:

Customer is the fundamental of the enterprise, management is the source of benefit, and quality is the cornerstone of survival.

3. Corporate Humanities Environment:

Humanization is combined with the system, and the gap is known to constantly improve itself;

Qualified employees: Ming is a non-compliance with the discipline, politeness and harmonious coexistence, seeking efficiency and hard work.

Qualified managers: Keep your responsibilities in mind and keep your employees in mind.

4. Enterprise talent policy:

Talent-oriented, ethical and moral;

5. Work style

Do things after you do it first. Do not want to do things three things: Don't be honest, don't bully you; be diligent and active, don't be lazy and free; be quick to respond, don't delay delays;

Difficulties and setbacks are always temporary. As long as we work hard, there are always more ways than problems.

6. Employee and business values:

Employees and companies develop together

(1)Show your value with lean work quality and efficient work performance

(2)Enterprises are the platform for the owners and employees to survive and develop together, we must jointly maintain

(3)The enterprise is a large family of owners and employees who share the system, share benefits, and share risks.

(4)The company is a school. While employees are rewarding for the company, their own quality will be improved, and they will continue to make new achievements.

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